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Thank you soldier was formed in February 2011 to give you the opportunity to send a message of support to our soldiers, for them to read and see that we do support them back home.

Name   Action for Armed Forces  
Details   To Campaign to ensure that our armed forces receive the respect and rights that they deserve. This implies that veterans should expect to recieve proper care and consideration both during and after their military service. To increase armed forces pay and pensions including war disability payments to better reflect the realties of the operational risks each and every one maybe called upon to undertake. More......

Name   Armed Forces Christian Union  
Details   The Armed Forces' Christian Union (AFCU) which was formerly the Officers' Christian Union, is an interdenominational, tri-service fellowship of Christians who wish to grow in their faith and share it with those with whom they serve. It seeks to encourage and build up Christians in the Armed Forces in their faith and to support evangelism and does this by producing literature, providing prayer support for serving members, organising activities and teaching holidays and weekends, and by personal visits

Name   Armed Forces Personal Injury Website  
Details   How to deal with Armed Forces Injury Claims.

Name   Army Benevolent Fund  
Details   The Army Benevolent Fund (ABF) is the Soldiers' Charity. We provide support to soldiers, former soldiers and their families in times of need.

We work in partnership with Regimental and Corps Benevolent Funds and in co-operation with other Service charities. We identify and investigate eligible cases in "real need", and provide them with financial support.

Name   Army of Angels  
Details   Army Of Angels has been set up to assist former (and serving) members of the forces with the basic necessities of life after or in preparation for their discharge; items to help improve their situation, whatever it maybe. We also want to be able to send families on holidays or give a gift to the husbands, wives and children left behind by a service man or woman who makes the ultimate sacrifice during their service. Army of Angels is committed to all this and more, as and when the donations that we receive allow us to do so.

Name   Army Welfare  
Details   Soldier Welfare and Family

Name   Aspals Legal Pages  
Details   Military and International law links.

Name   Blesma  
Details   BLESMA (British Limbless Ex Service Men's Association) is the national charity for limbless serving and ex service men and women and their dependants and widows.

It is the charity that directly supports all our service men and women who lose limbs, the use of limbs or eyes or the sight of an eye in the service of our country and we are with them all whenever we are needed for the rest of their lives.

Name   British Army Rumour Service  
Details   ARRSE is the unofficial British Army community website.

Name   Comat Stress  
Details   Combat stress is an organisation that exists to help men and women who are suffering from psychological disability as a result of their military service.

Name   Compassionate Friends  
Details   The mission of The Compassionate Friends is to assist families toward the positive resolution of grief following the death of a child of any age and to provide information to help others be supportive.

Name   Coroners Court Support Service  
Details   The Coroners’ Courts Support Service is a Registered Charity whose volunteers give emotional and practical support to families and other witnesses attending Inquests at, Barnet, Croydon, Fulham, St Pancras, Southwark, Walthamstow and Westminster. The Service is now open in Amersham and Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, Chelmsford in Essex , Hatfield in Hertfordshire, Woking in Surrey and Windsor in Berkshire.

Name   Daniels Trust  
Details   Daniels Trust was set up in 2005 in response to requests for help from soldiers who were being bullied whilst serving in the British Army. There is also a sister site that campaigns against bullying and also offers help and support to families that have suffered a non combat death in the Armed Forces,

Name   Erskine caring for Veterans  
Details   When Erskine was founded in 1916 our aim was to care for Service men and women who had been injured in active service. Today, care remains the cornerstone of our philosophy – but we do much more as well. We are based and operate in Scotland.

Name   Falklands Veterans Foundation  
Details   The Falklands Veterans Foundation (FVF) is the first UK based charity for Falklands Veterans and their Families and is committed to providing a network of support both financially and through support work for all Veterans and their Families.

Name   Felix Fund  
Details   Felix Fund supports bomb disposal experts and their families. We fund therapeutic breaks for bomb disposal teams returning from Afghanistan and other welfare and rehabilitation facilities for EOD units. We also provide hardship grants for individual members of ‘the bomb disposal family’ in need. Find out more

Name   Forces Childrens Trust  
Details   The Forces Children’s Trust is a charity devoted to helping dependant children that have lost a parent whilst serving with the Armed Forces.

Name   Forces Poetry  
Details   Show the world how you feel, invite comments about your poetry and who knows, perhaps discover that your poetry reaches people who really need it.

Name   Forces Support  
Details   Welcome to Forces Support Charity (No: 1136954)

We have set up this Charity in honour of all the service personnel lost in current war zones.

Having been touched by the account of one wife’s struggle to come to terms with the loss of her life partner and the need to manage all the details of maintaining a life for their children; we were struck by shortfalls in practical support and assistance available to surviving family members, which we want to strengthen and expand.

A soldier gave his life to protect and save others of his troop.

We want to thank him and the many like him who have given their lives, by ensuring that his family and the many others DO have the practical support and assistance they need.

Please help us to assist the families left bereft.

Name   Haig Homes  
Details   Douglas Haig Memorial Homes, known as Haig Homes was established as a Charitable Trust in 1929 as a memorial to Field Marshal Earl Haig of Bemersyde KT GCB OM GCVO KCIE in recognition of his work to highlight and solve many problems facing ex-Service people and their families. He was particularly concerned with the plight of those disabled during their service in theatres of War and the difficulties created by this in their civilian lives.
The object of the Trust is to provide housing assistance to ex-Service people and/or their dependants. Currently this object is achieved by letting homes at affordable rents.

Name   Hire A Hero  
Details   The Hire-a-Hero group aims to encourage UK organisations to employ ex-services personnel and is lobbying the Government to:

* To encourage UK businesses to hire ex-service personnel

Name   Holidays 4  
Details helps service families by assisiting with holidays to Spain to the families of injured peronnel and their families and also to widows and their families.

Name   Hounds for Heroes  
Details   The purpose of "Hounds for Heroes" is to provide specially trained assistance dogs to injured and disabled men and women of both the UK armed forces and civilian emergency services.

Through this provision our aims are to provide help and practical support leading to an enhanced quality of life for our clients.

Details   A truly inspirational event with a goal of providing injured troops with memorable, adrenalin packed experiences. Unlike other similar events, which have a primary aim of raising funds, KartForce focuses on providing the injured troops themselves with the opportunity of enjoying an action packed two days of racing and socialising, something they never thought they could do again.

In parallel to this, KartForce also has an agenda to raise funds, for organisations that support injured British forces personnel; and provide a lasting legacy whereby the event concept and infrastructure carries forward to provide similar activities at kart circuits around the UK.

Name   Limbless Association  
Details   LA is the leading UK charity for people with limb-loss, their family, friends and carers and the industry and healthcare professionals who support them.

We offer free, friendly and impartial advice on all aspects of limb-loss and provide a national "voice" for UK prosthetic patients, encouraging best practice in the industry and promoting equal opportunities in the community.

Whether you are preparing for an amputation, already undergoing rehabilitation or need support at any stage after limb-loss, the LA is here to help

Name   Military Mental Health Limited.  
Details   Military Mental Health Ltd are now a community interest company which will allow greater resources to help the Veterans Community within the North East. Military Mental health CIC is a company founded by veterans to benefit veterans

There are many organisations that provide help and support to UK veterans, both from the Government and voluntary sector. This can at times be confusing for those seeking help as they are unsure about which organisation provides which services and from whom to seek help. Military Mental Health CIC will be a single brand covering a variety of different services associated with veterans mental health. We will form a single point for accessing information/interventions.

Name   Military Veterans Support Service  
Details   The Military Veterans Support Service was first thought of in November 2004 when the founders recognised that there was no provision for supporting veterans of the armed forces in the local area and further afield.

The first meeting of the group was held in February 2009, under the name of the Rhondda Veterans Support Group making this the first support group dedicated to veterans of the armed forces, and their families in South Wales.

Since September 2009 we have steadily grown in numbers, and offer support on various issues to the veterans whether it is of social or psychological issues, benefits advice, pension advice and contacting other organisations to offer further help, or just having someone to talk to, we will help in anyway we can.

In November 2011 we changed our name to the Military Veterans Support Service to enable us to continue to offer a wider range of services to veterans within the Rhondda and further afield.

As we are continually striving to improve the service that we offer to veterans, we are always looking for new services that we can offer, our latest idea is to offer a gardening group which we hope will allow the veteran to find an alternative way to help them relax, and also a walking group and health promotion advice that will work towards a healthier lifestyle for the members.

Name   National Gulf Veterans & Families Association  
Details   This is an independent registered charity aiming to support those who served in the 1990-91 and current Iraqi/Gulf conflicts, either in the armed forces or as a civilian, and their families & dependants.

Service in the Gulf conflicts has led to people suffering a variety of illnesses, collectively termed as 'Gulf War Syndrome'

Name   Navy Welfare  
Details   The Navy Morale, Welfare and Recreation Division administers a varied program of recreation, social and community support activities on U.S. Navy facilities worldwide.

Name   Northern Ireland Veterans Association  
Details   The Northern Ireland Veterans Association.

Name   Pension 4 Army  

Name   PTSD  
Details   Website for ex servicemen and women who think they are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Name   RAFA  
Details   The RAF Association.

Details   RD4U is a website designed for young people by young people. It is part of Cruse Bereavement Care's Youth Involvement Project and is here to support people after the death of someone close.

Name   Royal Navy Community Website  
Details   Support and information to Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel and their Families.

Name   S.C.A.R.D.  
Details   The Aims of S.C.A.R.D.

To help relieve distress among people who have been bereaved, injured or affected by road death or injury

To provide emotional and practical support through a telephone help-line, support groups, meetings and personal support system

Help, assist and (If requested) accompany affected families, individuals and friends to Crown, Magistrates or Coroners Court

To send out independent and informative information with regard to the judicial system.

To provide access to free initial legal help and advice.

To assist in helping bereaved, injured or traumatised people, including witnesses to collisions, to access free counselling within or outside of the organisation.

To raise awareness of road danger, by information and education.

Name   Salvation Army  
Details   The Salvation Army of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Name   Service Personnel & Veterans Agency  
Details   On Monday 2 April 2007, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) officially launched the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency, aimed at improving personnel, pensions, welfare and support services to members of the Armed Forces and veterans.

Name   SSAFA  
Details   SSAFA Forces Help - stands for Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association - Forces Help.

Name   starthere  
Details   StartHere is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1998. It provides an easy-to-use service which directs people to organisations that offer information, advice, services and support on health, housing, work, education and social issues.

Name   Stop Beastings in the Army  
Details   This Website was set up to campaign and protest against the use of an illegal barbaric punishment exercise known in the British Army as "BEASTING"

On behalf of my Son Private Gavin Williams who died as a result of his own senior officers in the Army commiting this illegal military act without any duty of care.

Name   Talking2minds  
Details   Talking2minds is a UK Registered Charity with a unique process that eradicates the symptoms of PTSD and delivers peace of mind. The Charity mainly focusses on all those that suffer from stress related disorders and was set up by former sufferers from both military and police backgrounds.

Name   The Forces Childrens Trust  
Details   The Forces Children’s Trust is a charity devoted to helping dependent children that have lost a parent whilst serving with the Armed Forces.

Name   The Forces Pension Society  
Details   The Forces Pension Society exists to ensure that serving and retired members of the Armed Forces, their widows, widowers, surviving partners, civil partners and dependants receive the pension to which they are entitled and which they deserve; and that any review of public sector pensions must have regard to the unique nature of military service.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we value our independence, which gives us the freedom to campaign objectively on behalf of our members and of members of the Armed Forces generally.

Name   The Royal British Legion  
Details   Website of the British Legion.

Name   They work for  
Details   You can find out about you MP on this site, and who it is and how to contact them.

Name   Veterans Aid  
Details   Veterans Aid exists to help you if you are in crisis, homeless or likely to become homeless. Contact us now if you need help, regardless of how long you served or whether you were in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army, RAF or Merchant Service. We will try our best to help you!

Name   Veterans in Prison  
Details   Veterans In Prison (V.I.P) was founded by ex-soldiers because of the shockingly high numbers of veteran soldiers in the prison population.

Name   Victims Voice  
Details   Victims Voice is an 'umbrella' charity which provides a voice for its affiliated organisations and individual members. It raises issues that arise when people are bereaved by sudden and traumatic death and have to cope with involvements of police, coroners, mortuaries. hospitals and the courts.

Name   Warrior Programme  
Details   The Warrior Programme restores self-esteem and helps to re-build confidence and dignity, empowering people by giving them the tools to lead a more fulfilled life. It offers a new approach, bringing together the best techniques, to address the complex challenges faced by those left emotionally scarred by what they have been through.

The Warrior Programme particularly helps Ex-Service personnel and the homeless, and provides an environment where creative solutions can be explored in a supportive community atmosphere, yet on a one-to-one basis. It will benefit anyone suffering from depression, anxiety and increased levels of stress who is serious about changing their life for the better. It will enable you to move forward positively and more productively in your life.

Name   Winstons Wish  
Details   Winston’s Wish, the charity for bereaved children, helps young people re-adjust to life after the death of a parent or sibling. By providing professional assistance before, during and after bereavement they help them to better understand the nature of loss and offer the practical support and guidance that many need in order to cope throughout the grieving process.

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