In Memory Of...

Lance Bombardier Stephen Restorick

of the Royal Horse Artillery

He was killed by an IRA sniper at a checkpoint in Bessbrook on 12th February 1997, 12 days before his 24th birthday…I enclose a photo for inclusion on the website. He was a Lance Bombardier in the 3rd Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery. I like this photo because it shows his lovely smile and the lady at the checkpoint said he was smiling at her when shot…”

“I also enclose a poem that you may like to send to the parents you are in touch with. It was written by a friend in memory of Stephen but it applies to all of our servicemen and women…”

“ The Fallen Soldier”

In the midst of hate and anger, soldiers strive to maintain peace, and often ask the burning question, “Will this conflict ever cease?”
“Will I ever make a difference, will my efforts change a life?”
“Will there always been injustice, hate and anger, war and strife?”

Hatred fuelled an evil plan,
and so an ugly war began.
Valiant men and women died-
Grieving loved ones mourned and cried.

In a country, torn by war,
A soldier showed what he stood for.
He lived his life as he believed-
Reaching out to those in need.

In a war torn ravaged land,
He saw the pain and took a stand.
He showed the world what love could do,
And changed the lives of those he knew.

This brave young man was killed one day,
In a country far away.
The fallen soldier fights no more,
but, loved ones know what he stood for.

They know the difference that he made,
The deep-felt message he conveyed.
Those who loved and knew him well,
have heroic tales to tell.

The fallen soldier now is gone-
But, words and deeds will still live on.
Let us pray that peace will be,
The fallen soldier’s legacy.”


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