In Memory Of...

Marine Damian Davies

of the Royal Marines

    Damian Davies was killed in action by a suspected suicide bomber on the Friday, 12th December 2008 in Sangin, Southern Helmand whilst deployed on operations with X-Ray Company, 45 Commando Group, Royal Marines. Corporal Marc Birch and Sergeant John Manuel, who were travelling with Damian in the same vehicle, were also killed.  The Company was conducting an operation alongside Afghan National Army troops to dominate areas posing a dangerous threat to British forces and the local Afghan population.

    Marine Damian Davies, born 20 October 1981, served with the Landing Force Support Party, Commando Logistics Regiment. He joined the Royal Navy in March 2000, before transferring to the Royal Marines in November 2001. After initially joining 821 Troop he passed out for duty with 830 Troop in December 2002.

    On completion of training Damian joined the Driver's branch and commenced his first draft at The Commando Logistic Regiment as a member of Landing Force Support Party. He subsequently qualified as a Staff Car Driver serving at Fleet Headquarters before moving to the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines. He returned to The Commando Logistic Regiment at the beginning of 2008 in preparation to deploy on to Afghanistan Op HERRICK 9.

    An easy going and very hardworking Marine, Damian was one of the most experienced and professional members of his troop, a great friend and a trusted colleague.

    Damian Davies leaves behind a young son, and his wife who is expecting their second child.

His Commanding Officer, Colonel A T W Maynard said:

   "The Commando Spirit resonates in every recollection of Marine Damian Davies. His courage was resolute as his tragic death in the front line is testament to. His determination and unselfishness are underscored by his reputation for being the first to volunteer for any tasks, and his cheerfulness is epitomised by the fact that nobody can remember him without a ready smile. At work his style was understated and selfless, and he had a reputation for working hard. Nevertheless, although he was a loyal and dedicated Royal Marine, his focus in life was his family his wife Joanne and son Matthew. His extended family in the Commando Logistic Regiment share their loss and their pain, and our thoughts are with them at this time."


His Squadron Commander, Major Marcus Taylor Royal Marines said:

   "An experienced and popular member of the Squadron, Marine Davies was always at the forefront of activity and the first to volunteer from his Troop no matter how difficult or dangerous the mission. A proud husband and father, Marine Davies will leave a void in many lives that will be impossible to fill. Cruelly and tragically taken from us, he will be greatly missed by all who had the privilege to know him. Our thoughts are with his parents, wife and young family."


Officer Commanding X Company, Major Richard Maltby Royal Marines said:

   "Marine Davies was a consummate professional. Dedicated to his family, friends and the Royal Marines, his death is a tragic loss. A specialist in his field, he died while on operations with X-Ray Company Group, fighting the enemy and serving his country. Although this is a difficult time for us all, we will remain resolute. My thoughts are with his wife, Joanne, his son, Matthew and his unborn child."


His Troop Commander, Lieutenant Edward Argles MBE Royal Marines said:

   "Marine Damian Davies was one of the most professional and dedicated members of his troop. Always first to volunteer he could be relied upon to achieve any task given to him to the best of his abilities, usually with a cigarette in his hand, and wasn't content unless he'd completed the task fully, a true 'Bootneck'. Marine Davies had been sent to FOB NOLAY to join the Forward Logistic Node as one of the most experienced marines within the troop and was a massive support to his Troop Sergeant, while operating with 45 Commando Royal Marines. A very proud and loving husband and father, my thoughts and that of the troop's are with his young family."


His Troop Sergeant, Sergeant Kenyon said:

   "Marine Damo Davies was one of the strongest characters of the Troop, always joking and with a permanent smile on his face even in the worst conditions. He was once in the Royal Navy (which we never let him forget) but wanted a harder challenge and seeing the light, joined the Royal Marines. Unlike many, he never complained about anything and always put 110% effort into all he did. Damo never liked being stuck on camp and was always itching to get out on the ground to do the job he was trained for. Damo was well liked by all who knew him and by everyone who ever met him. He will be sorely missed and forever remembered by all."


Corporal Ben Parks and Marine Lee Douglas, 1 Troop LFSP said:

  "The first image of Damo was that of him sitting in his chair outside his tent, cigarette in one hand and a coffee in the other. In work Damo was the first to volunteer no matter what the task and he would make sure it was seen through to the end, never afraid of getting his hands dirty and not happy unless it was completed perfectly. Back in Chivenor, Damo was always talking of his wife Joanne and son Matthew; he loved and adored them with all his heart, and what a huge heart he had. Damo will be remembered as a 'Bootneck's' 'Bootneck', a true work horse, a great friend and a perfect husband and father. He will be greatly missed by all who had met and worked with him. Rest in peace Royal."






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