In Memory Of...

Marine Sholto Hedenskog

of the Royal Marines

    At around midnight on Friday 21 March 2003, 24 hours after the invasion of Iraq by the Coalition commenced, a US Marine Corps CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter crashed south of the Kuwait border.  On board were eight servicemen from 3 Commando Brigade and four aircrew from the United States Forces.  All twelve were killed by the crash.

    Amongst the eight British servicemen who died was Sholto Hedenskog.  Sholto, a South African, aged 26, from Cape Town, was a Marine in the Royal Marines.  Joining the Royal Marines had been a lifetime’s ambition he enlisted in 2000 after schooling and university in South Africa.

Bruce Hedenskog, Sholto’s uncle, speaking for Sholto’s mother, his sisters Megan and Eva and other family members said:
   "It was his life's ambition to be a marine, he wanted to stay with his group.  He was totally apolitical.  He would say: 'I've joined as a soldier. I'll go wherever is my duty.’”

His cousin, Sean, said: "He was totally dedicated. After becoming a marine, he became so strong and confident. He loved it. He knew the dangers involved."

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