In Memory Of...

Private Scott Kennedy

of the Royal Regiment of Scotland

Scott Kennedy together with Paul Joszko (2nd Royal Welsh) and James Kerr (Black Watch) were tragically killed in a Basra Roadside Bomb attack on Thursday, 28th June 2007 when they had dismounted from a Warrior armoured vehicle in the Al Amtaiya district of Basra City. A fourth soldier was badly wounded.
Scott Kennedy, aged 20 from Oakley, Dunfermline was a Private in The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland


Lieutenant Colonel James Swift MBE, Commanding Officer of the 2nd Battalion the Royal Welsh paid the following tribute:
"Early yesterday morning a roadside bomb tragically killed 3 soldiers serving the 4th Battalion the RIFLES Battle Group in Basra, southern Iraq. They were all part of B (Rorke's Drift) Company from the 2nd Battalion the Royal Welsh, and they were helping to protect an important logistic convoy. The unexpected death of anyone is tragic, but the death of three soldiers as a result of the same bomb whilst serving their country and trying to improve the conditions in Iraq is awful.
"Private Scott Kennedy, known to all as Casper, was one of these courageous men. As he bravely dismounted from his Warrior armoured fighting vehicle to check that the area was safe, the improvised explosive device was detonated and killed him instantly. He was a young, enthusiastic soldier. He had volunteered to leave the peace in Northern Ireland where his regiment is based, to reinforce the Royal Welsh for their operational tour in Iraq. He gave his life for his friends and his country.
"Scott, aged 20 from Oakley, Dunfermline had not been in the Army long, but was already a very competent soldier. He worked hard, was a strong team player and loved his job. He had a great sense of humour and was a real pleasure to serve with. He could appear shy but he was not, he was his own man. He had a fantastic sense of humour and was always at the centre of events. He would do anything for anyone and the blokes loved him.
"At this terrible time all our thoughts are with Scott's family, especially his mother and father Carol and Kenneth. We will miss Scott very much, we will learn from his example, and we will honour his memory."

Private Kennedy's Company Commander, Major Steven Webb, said:
"Private Scott Kennedy, or 'Casper' as he was known to all, volunteered to be attached to 2 Royal Welsh from January in order to train for, and deploy on, Operation TELIC as part of B (Rorke's Drift) Company from May to December 2007. He was a valued member of the platoon and he played his part to the full: hard-working, conscientious and very aware of the team around him and his role in it. In addition he was the sort of character that was always willing to contribute to solutions in a positive and constructive way.
"Scott could appear quiet and perhaps a little shy, particularly to those that did not know him better. However, those who took the time to get to know him quickly realised that there was so much more beneath the surface. He was quick-witted, intelligent and possessed a razor-sharp sense of humour and steely resolve.

"He was also his own man: more than prepared to play his part in the team, but definitely not one to follow the crowd for the sake of it. In addition to his mischievous humour he was well-known for his love of Kung-Fu films and South Park. It was this combination of team-spirit and individuality that made his platoon and the Company much stronger for his presence. He will be greatly, greatly missed.
"Scott was also looking forward to the birth of his first child with his girlfriend, Vicky. He often talked about how much he was looking forward to being a father. Our thoughts go out to her at this most difficult time."

Captain Richard Moger, his Platoon Commander, said:
"He contributed to the Platoon as a highly competent soldier and a hard-worker. But more than that he was a great bloke, always ready with a joke or sharp riposte. It was fantastic to have him around."
Private Barrie Green said:
"Casper always had the cheeky smile when he was up to no good and he had that look in the corner of his eye to see if anyone was watching. He will be sadly missed as one of the great lads in the Platoon."

Private Kris Fotheringham said:
"Scott Kennedy, aka Casper van Dien, will always be remembered. He was a 'straight' stand-up comedian and full of laughter. He had a new baby on the way and loved telling us that he couldn't wait to be a dad."



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