In Memory Of...

Captain Dave Hicks

of the Royal Anglian Regiment

Capt Dave Hicks killed in Afghanistan on Saturday 11th August 2007.

Capt Hicks commissioned from RMAS in Dec 02 into The 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment. After two years commanding a rifle platoon he went to Bosnia for two months as a Company 2IC with The Grenadier Guards. He then went to ITC Catterick for just over a year where he trained recruits, before going to Iraq as a Company 2IC for The 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment – The Poachers. He then returned to the 1st Battalion towards the end of 2006 where he took over again as Company 2IC for C (Essex) Company.

Capt Hicks had been deployed on Operation HERRICK 6 in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, since March 2007. He had been involved in numerous engagements with enemy forces. At the time he was acting as Company Commander, and had commanded a number of fighting patrols deep into the Taliban territory, always leading from the front and setting the example for the remainder of the Company. He died commanding C Company from the front as he coordinated the response to a coordinated attack on their patrol base.

Capt Hicks was an extremely dedicated, conscientious and professional officer. He planned everything with incredible attention to detail always ensuring he achieved the best possible result. He had a real passion for soldiering and thrived in the operational environment, where he had the opportunities to practise the profession he so loved. He was a true advocate of the “work hard – play hard” ethos of the infantry and was a real character in the mess.

He was supremely fit, and enjoyed all physical aspects of the Army. His hobbies included skiing, and he was already planning the Battalion skiing trip for early 2008.

He had been with his girlfriend since late 2006, and was planning to buy a house with her in Surrey following the tour.



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